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We are a small, family-owned, central Texas Longhorn breeder. Our goal is to develop a reputation as a high-quality breeder who is a fine steward of the longhorn breed - who both promotes and preserves this historic breed. We breed for the complete longhorn - one whose horn length, base, and body are well balanced. It is extremely important to us to raise longhorns that are gentle, beautiful, happy, and healthy. We have an environment that is a natural one for a Texas Longhorn - they have free range over large acreage to forage on a wide variety of plants and grasses. We spend a lot of time around our herd so that they are used to people, dogs, and vehicles. While the breed is naturally gentle, we find that the more time we spend with them, the easier they are to work and for our visitors to view them up close. Most of our herd can be hand fed cubes and are content to have our three dogs in close proximity.
Recently we have made a significant push into using AI to breed our cows and heifers. We are very lucky to have an expert AI technician in our area who produced an 80% success rate for us in our last three rounds of AI. Our AI sires for the 2016 breeding season were CV Casanova's Magnum, JH Rurally Screwed, CV Call of Duty, and Dickinson Cattle's Reckon So. For the 2017 breeding season, we have added TCC Houdini, G&L Painted Savage, Clear Point, and Hubbells 20 Gauge to our AI lineup. Our young herd sire KDK Valiant is developing SO incredibly that we are utilizing him a great deal for fall 2017 and into 2018. He is tracking to be 86.75" TTT at maturity!
We have assembled our herd from various elite breeders, by purchasing cattle at prominent Longhorn auctions in the Texas/Oklahoma area, and by visiting ranches to make private treaty purchases.  After spending several years building our herd, we are finally able to offer some of our cattle for sale. Please take a few minutes to browse our animals. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We welcome new and experienced breeders to visit our ranch in Llano Texas, see our herd, and talk longhorns!
~Janet Harman & Kent Mayes

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