Date of Birth:
First calf out of our main herd sire KDK Wildfire (90” ttt before 4) and he is a WINNER! Hercules has size, conformation, color, and incredible early horn growth. 2022 HSC Superior Bull, Futurity winner and TTT winner. NOW CO-OWNED WITH DIAMOND B CATTLE!
Owner Name:
Diamond B/KDK Longhorns
Pedigrees don't get much better than this: 105" ttt Tuff, 87" ttt M Arrow Copper Penny (full sister to 104" ttt M Arrow Cha-Ching, longest total horned cow in the breed at 141"), 90” ttt KDK Wildfire (before 4 yrs), 90" ttt Drag Iron, and and 90" R II Lady in Red. Woohoo!!!
PH #:
Reg #1:
For Sale:
Sales Comments:
Large, thick young bull with great conformation. Hercules has an A+ pedigree- check out the HORN and proven producers in his pedigree. Tracking to be over 100” ttt! He broke several inches off his left tip (dalgood has hime at 107" ttt, projected from his good tip). NOW CO-OWNED WITH DIAMOND B CATTLE!!!
Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/14/2022TLBAA Horn ShowcaseSuperior Bull, Futurity, and Class 42 TTT!!!
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip87.750008/28/202392.5 ttt, after adj for broken tip, dalgood=107 
Tip to Tip83.625006/04/20234.5" broken off, 88" ttt adj 
Tip to Tip81.875004/29/20234.5" broken off left, 86.375" ttt adj 
Tip to Tip80.125001/18/2023Dalgood=103.8"!!! 
Tip to Tip76.500012/01/2022Dalgood=102.3"!!! 
Tip to Tip72.500010/13/2022Winner Class 42!Wichita Falls, TX
Tip to Tip70.625009/25/2022Dalgood = 99.5!!! 
Tip to Tip62.375007/11/2022Dalgood=94.2" 
Tip to Tip54.250004/22/2022Dalgood=89.53" 
Tip to Tip51.250003/28/2022Dalgood=87.3” 
Tip to Tip43.000001/10/2022  
Tip to Tip37.375011/16/202111 months 
Tip to Tip35.375010/29/2021  
Treatment DateMedicationDosageSerial NumberNotes
06/04/2023Multimin6 ML plus Eprinex pour on (55 ML)
01/18/2023Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 w lepto (5 ML), Multimin 5 ML), Eprinex pour on (45 ML)
07/11/2022Eprinex pour on45 ML plus Ultra Saber (15 ML)
04/22/2022Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 with Lepto (5 ML) and Multimin (5 ML)
03/28/2022Ultra Saber pour on 15 ML Fly control
01/10/2022Eprinex pour on20 ML Dewormer
11/16/2021Ultra Saber pour on10 ML fly control
10/29/2021Multimin4 ML plus Ultra Saber pour on (10 ML)
07/21/2021Weaning and Branding   
07/21/2021Ultra Saber pour on10 ML  
05/31/2021Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 with Lepto (5 ML) and Noromectin (2 ML) and Ultra Saber pour on (10 ML)
02/28/2021Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 (5 ML) and Multimin (1 ML)
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