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First calf out of our main herd sire KDK Wildfire (90” ttt before 4) and he is a WINNER! Hercules has size, conformation, color, and incredible early horn growth. 2023 HSC Triple Bronze Winner, Class 49. 2022 HSC Superior Bull, Futurity winner and TTT winner. NOW CO-OWNED WITH DIAMOND B CATTLE!
Owner Name:
Diamond B/KDK Longhorns
Pedigrees don't get much better than this: 105" ttt Tuff, 87" ttt M Arrow Copper Penny (full sister to 104" ttt M Arrow Cha-Ching, longest total horned cow in the breed at 141"), 90” ttt KDK Wildfire (before 4 yrs), 90" ttt Drag Iron, and and 90" R II Lady in Red. Woohoo!!!
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Large, thick young bull with great conformation. Hercules has an A+ pedigree- check out the HORN and proven producers in his pedigree. 2023 HSC Triple Bronze winner. 90" ttt before his 3rd bday!!!. NOW CO-OWNED WITH DIAMOND B CATTLE!!!
Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/14/2023TLBAA Horn ShowcaseCLASS 49 TTT, TH, COMP WINNER!
10/14/2022TLBAA Horn ShowcaseSuperior Bull, Futurity, and Class 42 TTT!!!
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Weight1574.000006/12/2024Diamond B 
Tip to Tip94.500005/22/20243 yrs 5 mos! 
Tip to Tip90.750011/28/20232 weeks before his 3rd bday! 
Composite188.562510/12/2023CLASS 49 COMPOSITE WINNEROklahoma City
Tip to Tip89.375010/12/2023CLASS 49 TTT WINNEROklahoma City
Total Horn99.187510/12/2023CLASS 49 TH WINNEROklahoma City
Weight1468.000010/12/202334 monthsOklahoma City
Tip to Tip87.750008/28/202392.5 ttt, after adj for broken tip, dalgood=107 
Tip to Tip83.625006/04/20234.5" broken off, 88" ttt adj 
Tip to Tip81.875004/29/20234.5" broken off left, 86.375" ttt adj 
Tip to Tip80.125001/18/2023Dalgood=103.8"!!! 
Tip to Tip76.500012/01/2022Dalgood=102.3"!!! 
Tip to Tip72.500010/13/2022Winner Class 42!Wichita Falls, TX
Tip to Tip70.625009/25/2022Dalgood = 99.5!!! 
Tip to Tip62.375007/11/2022Dalgood=94.2" 
Tip to Tip54.250004/22/2022Dalgood=89.53" 
Tip to Tip51.250003/28/2022Dalgood=87.3” 
Tip to Tip43.000001/10/2022  
Tip to Tip37.375011/16/202111 months 
Tip to Tip35.375010/29/2021  
Treatment DateMedicationDosageSerial NumberNotes
06/05/2024Trich Test  negative
05/22/2024Ultrabac 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 w lepto (5 ML), Multimin (7 ML), Eprinex pour on (60 ML)
11/28/2023Covexin 85 ML plus Multimin (7 ML), Eprinex pour on (60 ML)
06/04/2023Multimin6 ML plus Eprinex pour on (55 ML)
01/18/2023Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 w lepto (5 ML), Multimin 5 ML), Eprinex pour on (45 ML)
07/11/2022Eprinex pour on45 ML plus Ultra Saber (15 ML)
04/22/2022Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 with Lepto (5 ML) and Multimin (5 ML)
03/28/2022Ultra Saber pour on 15 ML Fly control
01/10/2022Eprinex pour on20 ML Dewormer
11/16/2021Ultra Saber pour on10 ML fly control
10/29/2021Multimin4 ML plus Ultra Saber pour on (10 ML)
07/21/2021Weaning and Branding   
07/21/2021Ultra Saber pour on10 ML  
05/31/2021Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 with Lepto (5 ML) and Noromectin (2 ML) and Ultra Saber pour on (10 ML)
02/28/2021Covexin 85 ML plus Virus Shield 6 (5 ML) and Multimin (1 ML)
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